I am 28 years old and I was born and raised among six(6) brothers and sisters in Uddevalla, Sweden. I have been a professional MMA athlete since 2010 and I did my long awaiting debut in the Octagon on September 3rd. at UFC Fight Night i Hamburg against Scott Askham.

As a young boy I tried all kind of sports in my home town but there was only one sport that I really fell in love with, Wrestling. I was alright in wrestling but due to inconsistency in my training I never reach my full potential. But still I´ve learned a lot from my wrestling club Uddevalla Atletklubb over the ten(10) years I trained there.

And just as much as they learned me how to wrestle they where like a family to me, and raised me into the athlete and person I am today. In the end of my wrestling years I was curious about another sport that I had discovered, that was Mixed Martial Arts. When I was around 18 years old I started to train a little bit of Muay Thai and some MMA at the local Gym in Uddevalla. At 19 I went to Norway looking for work, I started to work as a sub teacher on a school just outside of Oslo and I also started my search for a place where I could train MMA. I started to train under Ståle Nyang in skårerhallen, Lørenskog, just outside of Oslo. Later I started to train under Mohsen Bahari at Frontline Academy who introduced me to Joachim Hansen and "Team Hellboy". I felt so lucky to be able to train with such a legend as Joachim where, who by far is the biggest star of Norwegian MMA. I went back to Sweden for a short period of time but couldn´t get any work in Uddevalla so I decided to go back to Oslo and shortly after I started working at a pet store in a shopping mall, as a true animal lover this job was made for me. By this time I was 20 years old and I really started taking MMA seriously, I knew that MMA was my destiny. My path into the world of professional MMA started in 2010 with a title fight in "East Coast Fight Factory" against the defending champion, Chris Greig, which I won.

After a couple years with "Team Hellboy" we moved our training location to Frontline Academy in Oslo. Later some of us went to other gyms and some of the guys started their own gyms. And some of us are still going strong in the Pro-Team at Frontline Academy Oslo today. When I fight I represent this team with glory and pride, without this solid team I will not achieve greatness.

So far I have 14-2 in my pro career and 1-0 in the UFC. I hold the Middleweight Championship in ECFF (East Coast Fight Factory), WFS (Warrior Fight Series) and CWFC (Cage Warriors).
You can see more stats on my: Sherdog-profile

In my part of the world it has been a little discussion whether I represent my birth country, Sweden or my current country where I have been living for the last 8 years, Norway. When I enter any cage I represent 9,6 million Swedes and 5,1 million Norwegians with all my heart! How can that be you may wonder? It´s pretty easy and when you think about it I believe everybody can understand why. Both countries have been given me over-whelming a lot of love. Sweden gave me my beautiful family, Sweden gave me my first community, Sweden gave me a beautiful up bringing with my brothers and sister and friends in my hometown Uddevalla, Sweden gave me wrestling. Norway gave me a job and a home, Norway gave me the love of my life. Norway gave me the opportunity to be great in MMA! As you can see, I have been blessed with good things in both countries!

I can identify myself with both Norwegians and Swedes and I believe that they can identify them self with me. I truly love both communities I have come a crossed so far on my path. So to every 14,7 million human beings in my community - I got your back, every single one of you, so I hope that you have mine every time I enter the Octagon!

Here are some words that I wrote about every bout that I have fought.

Chris Greig

My First pro fight. I remember I thought it was going to be a amature figh. Joachim Hansen told my I had a fight and I just said ok, cool, and started to train. Then a bit later on he asked me; Jack, you know that this is a pro fight and fight for the title? I smiled and tought finally I will be fighting PRO like the other guys, I remember that there was a lot of lowkicks in the fight and that I finished the fight in the third round on a TKO.

Ian Farquharson

This was a fight that was in a small English town called Andover. It was over quickly. I knocked him down with the first punch and mounted him, then he gave me he's back and I choked him out in something like 40 seconds.

Ali Arish

My third fight was my first Cage Warriors bout against the much more experienced fighter Ali Arish. Ali had a record of 12-1 when I fought him. I was very exited to face such a veteran fighter. I knew that he was a wrestler and I remember thinking that he might be a better wrestler than me. In the fight he got me down, but I got back up and defended most of he's takedowns. I knocked him out in the second round.

Andor Filo

I remember Andor looked very nervous before the fight. I chased after me in panic like a bull! I was backing up and punching at the same time. I connected with a clean right upercut and knocked him out.

Mike Ling

This was a crazy fight in Amman, Jordan. I had never travelled further then England before so that was cool. I was rocked by a hard punch early in the fight. It was a bloody and wild fight that ended with a tko via ground and pound in the first round,

Daniel Vizcaya

My first fight in Bellator. I was not in the right state of mind in this fight. I was nervous and unfocused, Nothing felt good that day. I lost a close fight on split decision. This was my first lost.

Jason Butcher

My second Bellator fight. I was very pumped and felt good. I got a takedown but was a little bit over-agressive when we went down. I made a mistake and my opponent wrapped up a solid triangel that forced me to tap in the first round.

Enoc Solves Torres

After a long time without having I fight I returned to Cage Warriors. This was in Denmark. I was very sick with a flu before the fight and after the flu I got food poisoned just a couple of days befor the fight. All my friends and family asked me not to fight. I fought and even if I got in some serious trouble I manage to keep the pressure and forced my opponent to tap out.

Ion Pascu

This fight was against one of my team members previous opponents. My team member lost and broke he's jaw in the pocess so it was time to revenge him. Ion is a very powerful fighter and got me in serious trouble early in the fight. But I survived and turned the fight around and manage to win by decision. This was my closest fight to this day.

Norman Paraisy

I got the chance to fight for the Cage Warriors middleweight title. A chance to be put in the light as one of the best middleweights in Europe. It was a grueling battle which I won via a rear naked choke in the fourth round.

Deyan Topalski

My first title defence in Cage Warrior. We knew that Deyan preffered a standing fight so I took him down early and won by a tko in the first round.

Karlos Vemola

My first UFC veterean. This fight was something that I had been waiting for. To fight a former UFC fighter. This was the first time I finished a fight from my back. I submitted Karlos by an armbar in the first round.

Maciej Rozanski

My first trip to Italy. I really enjoyed the experience of fighting for Venator FC. Maciej was a undefeated Polish fighter with a blackbelt in BJJ. I was mostly dominating the fight on top and won the fight by unanimous decicion.

Alan Carlos

Alan is a veteran in the sport and has a BJJ Blackbelt. I was not mentally preppered for this fight. And had a nervous breakdown in the locker room. I just couldn't controll my nerves and I couldn't even warm up. I felt so week, almost like I could not move. I had a slow start in the fight and I got rocked by a punch. But in the third round I woke up and knocked Alan Carlos out.

Ireneusz Cholewa

Ireneusz was a short and powerful polish fighter with a lot of fights in he's record. I kept him at a distan ce and finished him with ground and pound in the third round.

Scott Askham

My First UFC fight. This was a even fight that I managed to win by unanimous deciscion. What I remember the most around this fight was the fantastic support by the crowd. It was so many people it was so loud! Never will I forget that moment!